Senior Vice-President Healthcare Strategy


Experts suggest changing careers every seven years to match the 7 Year Cycle of Human Life. If you find yourself at this 7-year itch like I did and want to navigate your next steps mindfully, you must contact Sarah for a consult.

I was reasonably skeptical before our introductory meeting, and now I will never make another major career move without her council. Sarah helped me to do the work and uncover what I wanted in my next career. She helped me see the path I should take to start a career I did not even know existed.

I spent my entire professional life allowing promotions and compensations to predict my next steps without really thinking about what my values and goals were. Sarah’s organization skills and natural coaching abilities led me to focus on what was important and reduce the noise of fear and doubt that can sometimes accompany substantial life changes.

I have recommended Sarah to a few friends, and their experiences and positive outcomes have been the same as my own. Invest in yourself.


Director of Care Continuum Financial Strategy

Cerner Corporation

After taking a professional sabbatical early in 2019, I worked with Sarah in a career coaching capacity to evaluate my career interests and define a path that closely aligned with my values and interests. Leveraging a simple but effective framework, we worked through various aspects of professional and personal interests that led to my decision to continue in healthcare IT in a business and solution strategy role. One year on, I can say the path I chose is absolutely the right one, and it is thanks to Sarah’s experience, ability to a solution with me, and keep me focused on my goals and values.

Sarah has been a pleasure to work with. Her thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and ability to connect ideas and concepts I raised turned into options from which I could move forward. Not only do I recommend the coaching process for refining various aspects of one’s life, but I highly recommend Sarah to anyone considering this journey.


Healthcare IT Leader | Informatics Nurse | Educator

University of Maryland Medical System

I initially engaged Sarah to help me navigate the demands of working as a leader within a fast-paced, high-stress healthcare environment. Sarah has helped me weed through the distractions so that I can focus on prioritizing projects and work efforts that move my organization forward. While working with Sarah, I began pursuing my passion for working with nurses to transition from clinical roles to non-traditional consulting opportunities.

Sarah is so diverse that as my executive coach, she helped me to create my strategy, vision, and plan for my business. She used a structured but customized approach to help me work through my plan in a way that ensures a balance between my professional and personal responsibilities as a single mother. Sarah has been thoughtful, thorough, and integral in connecting ideas and concepts I raised into deliverables from which I could build value propositions and move forward.

I recommend both executive coaching and Sarah to anyone looking to make significant progress in their career.


Health Informatics Professional & Analyst | Health IT Advocate | EMR Systems


Sarah is a dedicated, organized, and thoughtful career coach. From the moment that I began working with Sarah, in a career coaching capacity, I knew that the experience would be excellent. Sarah has the ability to clarify your career objectives with a concise strategy, resulting in strategies that have helped me in achieving my career goals.

Furthermore, Sarah’s tenacity and thorough knowledge as an executive career coach, ensures that I or any client is receiving the latest career trending methodologies for success. Sarah’s clarity, organizational skills, and dedication to her clients, and expertise as a career coach, helps express the value to employers in a competitive job market a well.

As an outstanding executive career coach with great expertise and proactive personality, I truly recommend Sarah as a career coach in any career transition.