In the end, it comes down to relationships, authenticity, and always holding fast to humility and curiosity. With these values, you can get wherever you want to go, says Sarah Richardson.

“Everything is about connections, but it has to be genuine,” she says. “If you’re out there doing something just because it checks a box, the authenticity completely goes away. You have to be willing to be humble and transparent.”

Concierge Leadership
Concierge Leadership

Women in HIT Leadership: A 4 Part Series

Recently we spoke with three influential women about the challenges they’ve faced in their careers, what they consider to be core competencies for female leaders, and why diverse representation is so critical in today’s environment. The panelists — Sarah Richardson, California Market CIO, Healthcare Partners; Julie Bonello, CIO, Rush Health; and TressaSpringmann, CIO, LifeBridge Health — also share their thoughts on how to encourage a healthy work/life balance, how to build a safe culture, why mentoring matters so much, and the discussion that needs to happen on a broader scale.